VR Private TourTM

Walking Through a Heart Moving Scenery.

“I want to show you someplace special…” led by an attractive tour guide, go on an experience that tickles your wanderlust and your inner adventurer. When standing in front of breathtaking scenery, what will you feel? By walking in unison with the VR movie, the viewer experiences zero motion sickness, and with the use of surround sound and other haptic devices, we have created a truly immersive and captivating experience.


Japan’s First* “A fully immersive and walkable VR Experience”.

VR content where the user can take a break by physically walking to different locations around the world and various regions in Japan. Currently developing mass producible walking devices, and researching a way to implement smell into the experience.


*An Experiential VR system that synchronizes with the combination of a walking device, a experiential device and a guide actuator (patent pending).

The future of travel and the possibilities of VR.

As the user is being guided by an attractive tour guide, gradually the user will become immersed, feeling together in the world with the guide. “It would be nice to be introduced to a secret place by a local instead of a well known landmark.” We brought this idea to life. Maybe, future travel will all be experienced in VR. A VR content that answers to fundamental human desires to travel somewhere new.