AOI Pro. is the top film production company in Japan. AOI VR is the official team web site which design real experience with using VR/ AR. TYO is the partner company.



Virtual is defined as “Existing in essence or effect through not in actual fact or form.” (The American Heritage Dictionary)  
If virtual experiences affect actions and emotions in the real world, it would revolutionize our lives. It will also be possible to collect vital reactions as data as a measurement of emotions through VR.
For decades, we have been driving people’s emotions through film and now we see VR as a realm to expand to,  a new form of content that people will respond to with more acute and genuine human emotions.  


As professionals with a strong reputation in film production in Japan, we have the expertise to provide experiential planning / developing based on insight with a strong objective in VR as well.
We are a 360-degrees team of professionals specializing in Cinematography, Composition, Color Grading, Programming, and CGI.


Our team is a team of Creatives, Marketers, Data Architects, Film Producers, Technical Producers, Engineers and Film Directors.
We have a wide network of specialists within our AOI TYO Holdings to provide a new solution for your company’s challenge.