VR Dream MatchTM

Experience a Pitch of 165km/h.

Imagine how exciting it would be to face a real professional baseball player surrounded by a big crowd and lit under the stadium lights.We created a VR content with a 1:1 ratio baseball field, using the same physics of real baseball and recreated the experience of catching/batting a professional pitch in a compact VR space. We have excited more than 1000 challengers in US, Japan and Thailand.

Using Haptic Actuator Bat & Mitt Controllers at Events.

We are offering a special sales package such as customizing the program to include sponsor ads in the ballpark and sponsor logo on the player’s uniform. The simple version will be able to be purchased at Steam Store soon.For any inquiries to create a VR experience for a different sport, contact here.

The Possibilities of Experiential VR.

It is difficult to feel “fear” and ”awe” in a sports video game. However in a full scale VR experience, you can’t help but feel scared at a fast ball, and admire a breaking ball. This experience captures the essence of a true VR experience, and delivers excitement to people everywhere. A film production company moving people’s hearts for over 50 years is now expanding its potential to the VR platform.